Enthusiast Updates

Enthusiast is now 100% working on PHP8! I’m sorry for any errors you may have received in the past. I was not actively using it BUT with the release of Dude, That’s Me! That has all changed. I am using Enthusiast on PHP 8.2.5 and I have confirmed that it works. There are a few… Continue reading Enthusiast Updates

Why I don’t use Obsidian for notes.

As the owner of App Seeker, I have tried my fair share of note taking apps for individuals who don’t do much sharing to spouses or other people of their notes. I have tried Obsidian for a few months and still actively use it to write out all of the pages for my Wiki and… Continue reading Why I don’t use Obsidian for notes.

Omnivore vs Raindrop vs Readwise/Reader

This is a comparison between the top 3 read-it-later applications. If you aren’t in the productivity or note-taking space, you may not know what “read-it-later” applications are. The easiest way for me to define them is to say they are a bookmarking application for websites, articles, books, emails, newsletters, tweets, and more. Some of these… Continue reading Omnivore vs Raindrop vs Readwise/Reader

Enthusiast Update

Added Buruma’s addmembers.php to the admin section. You can download the files here and follow the instructions there. This allows you to manually add members to your fanlistings as well as approve them the usual way. Thanks Buruma!

1Password Review

Edit/Update 21/6/2023 @ 11:12pm: I am no longer using 1Password due to issues I’ve had with the software (bugs) and with the astounding lack of support when emailing in (plus the speed (super slow) of communicating with support). I have outlined this further below. 1Password is one of the top password managers out there. It… Continue reading 1Password Review

Bitwarden Review

Bitwarden is one of the top password managers out there. It is also one of the only ones that is open-source, that is to say you can see the code that makes the app run and companies that specialize in cyber security can review the code and tell you whether the application is secure and… Continue reading Bitwarden Review