Why I don’t use Obsidian for notes.

As the owner of App Seeker, I have tried my fair share of note taking apps for individuals who don’t do much sharing to spouses or other people of their notes. I have tried Obsidian for a few months and still actively use it to write out all of the pages for my Wiki and… Continue reading Why I don’t use Obsidian for notes.

Omnivore vs Raindrop vs Readwise/Reader

This is a comparison between the top 3 read-it-later applications. If you aren’t in the productivity or note-taking space, you may not know what “read-it-later” applications are. The easiest way for me to define them is to say they are a bookmarking application for websites, articles, books, emails, newsletters, tweets, and more. Some of these… Continue reading Omnivore vs Raindrop vs Readwise/Reader

Todoist Review

I have been using Todoist off and on since 2020. It is a fantastic task management application with fantastic support. The question is, is it with the $48/year USD they are charging? That’s what I hope to answer today! Let’s get started! As you can see the interface Todoist has is fairly simple. The middle… Continue reading Todoist Review