Listing Admin Upgrade – Robotess v1.0.5

Listing Admin is a fanlisting collective software. You can read more about what fanlistings are here, to sum it up though here is a quick quote from their site:

A fanlisting is simply an online list of fans of a subject, such as a TV show, actor, or musician, that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join. There are no costs, and the only requirements to join a fanlisting are your name and country. Fanlistings do not have to be large sites (although some are); they are just a place where you can sign up with other fans. is the original (but not official) web directory for fanlistings, dedicated to uniting the fans.

It is something that has been a thing since 2000 and I have been working on since 2004-ish off and on. I recently got back into it and saw that a lot of the software that used to be used like Enthusiast or Listing Admin wasn’t maintained by the same person anymore and instead had upgrades and it wasn’t clear how to upgrade them. So, I decided to write up how to upgrade from Listing Admin 2.4 to the Robotess Fork 1.0.2 for PHP 7.4. Let’s get into it.

Step 1 – Make sure you have the correct PHP version installed

You may need to contact your hosting provider to check. You want to make sure your PHP version is on 7.4. Anything higher is not supported as of the date of this writing. Anything lower and you will need an older fork and it is not recommended as newer versions of software protect you from hacks and losing data.

Step 2 – Backup your files

You want to make sure you have them backed up in case anything happens to your files.

Step 3 – Make sure you have Listing Admin 2.4 installed

Note: If you already have Listing Admin installed (any version) you will want to make sure you are updated to (at least) 2.4. You can do that with the files I have linked below. Once you are on 2.4+ you are good to continue
with step 4.

This is the next step as you cannot upgrade without first having an older version installed. If you do not have it installed I have a repository of all of the downloads here. You will want to click on and then view raw and that will prompt a download. Just download it, extract it and upload the contents (all of them) to your website. Once you have it uploaded you do not, I repeat, do not need to install it. You just need to make sure that shows up and you see weird errors that say something about mysqli errors. If that is the case, you are good to continue.

Step 4 – Download Robotess’ Files

I have links to everywhere you can get updated files here link though is here.
You will want to visit that website & click on Listing Admin [Robotess Fork] v1.0.2 is available. That will bring you to the following page:

Robotess' Website

From there you will want to click on a project page as of this writing this is where you will want to look:

Listing Admin Avail Downloads List

You want to click on the 7.4 version, on either an archive of the public folder of this repository for PHP 7.4or mirror. Doesn’t matter which. That will prompt a download. Just like for 2.4 you will want to download them and extract them and upload them to your website.

Step 5 – Upload them to your website

Once you have them extracted, you will want to overwrite all of the files that are on your site. It is highly recommended to take a backup of your files first before doing this (in case something goes wrong). Once you have the backup and have everything overwritten. Visit
and it should look like this:

Listing Admin Install Page

As long as it does, you will want to run the installation. If it has something like this:

Listing Admin Database Error Message

That says this:

Notice: there was an error while trying to find file Please make sure you have copied to and added it to /public_html/ The script stops executing.

Then you need to go into your files and find the and rename it to (make sure there is only one .phpat the end). Once you do that, you will want to open the file and find
the following lines:

# -----------------------------------------------------------
 * Database Variables  
 * $database_host - MySQL Host (usually localhost) 
 * $database_user - MySQL username  
 * $database_pass - MySQL password  
 * $database_name - MySQL name 
# ----------------------------------------------------------- 
$database_host = 'localhost';
$database_user = 'root';
$database_pass = 'root';
$database_name = 'bambino';

Should be starting on line 18 and ending on line 31. Once you find those, you need to replace them with your database variables. You can use your existing database or create a new one. Just make sure if you use your existing database that your prefix from your old file matches. That is on line 42 and looks
like this:

$_ST['prefix'] = 'trex_';

Once you have all of that updated, save and close the file and reload your
page and it should look like this:

Listing Admin Install Page with Errors

You will want to go through the process.

Step 6 – Install Listing Admin

Click on Start Installation and the next page should look like this:

First Listing Admin Install Page

Fill out the information (make sure to change http to https since that is required by google nowadays). Make sure to click the check mark next to Install categories from TFL & TAFL.

Once everything is filled in, click Install Main Functions.

Next, you should see a page with a green check asking you to install additional functions. You can do that if you wish.

Following that, it should ask you for your admin password. I recommend using a password manager but either way, create one. Then it should take you to the login page and you should not see any mysqli errors anymore on the page:

Listing Admin Login Page

That means you are good to go. Verify by logging in. If you see the following page, you have done it successfully:

Listing Admin Successful Install Page

Lastly, make sure to delete the install.php and upgrade.php files from your server so no one can mess with your data with those and you should be good to go! Congrats! If you have any issues, feel free to message me on Discord DudeThatsErin#8736 or Twitter @DudeThatsErin or on the TFL forums and I am happy to help!

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